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Chemxs Leather established in 1983 by import of Raw skins of “Sheep/Lamb and Goat’’ form Arabic Origin and “Cow” form Europe Origin in the form of Pickle and Dry-salted, in the beginning We were the Trader and Supplier of wet blue Leather, onwards 2005 started own tanning from raw to finish and exporting to all over leather markets, during these years, we have developed and produced this sophisticated natural material, as an international producers of premium leather for the leather industry.


We are keep trying to unmatched leather tanning process and dedication to providing the highest quality and standards. Our tanned products are shipped and used worldwide, making us the leader in leather tanning for industrial purposes. All of our decisions are based on sustainability and carefulness. This also applies to the decision of how we process our leather


Chemxs Leather Company, in its advanced, modern production facilities, serves the shoe leather, leather garment, Glove and the handbag sectors with more than 100 items, classical and also attractive modern lines under international quality with achieving all "REACH" standards, having production capacity 1 to 1.5 million sqft per month.


We are keep trying to distinguished from other tanneries for having a very wide gamma of colors, diverse articles, specific styles and applications, innovated textures, designs and a lot more. We embrace different worldwide markets, promoting the expansion of our articles, for the Footwear, Garment, Gloves and Leather goods industry. Our customers expect the best from us, so every stage in our production cycle is geared towards achieving consistence and high quality and we work with the philosophy of continuous improvement.


Quality of the Skin is best in terms of thickness and richness of skin according the health of the animal because of the climatic conditions and feeding habits at source. Our Leather feels soft and elastic and is comfortable in touch and grip. Top grade Sheep, Goat and Cow Leather with good physical strength for peeling, tearing, and sewing that we offer is in huge demand. These are reckoned for high durability and good flexibility with excellent performance.

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