Our tanning and manufacturing - bring raw materials to life

Chemxs Leather established in 1983 by import of Raw skins of “Sheep/Lamb and Goat’’ form Arabic Origin and “Cow” form Europe Origin in the form of Pickle and Dry-salted, in the beginning We were the Trader and Supplier of wet blue Leather, onwards 2005 started own tanning from raw to finish and exporting to all over leather markets, during these years, we have developed and produced this sophisticated natural material, as an international producers of premium leather for the leather industry.

Garments Leather

Our Genuine Leather offers a stress-free way for Garments i.e. Fashion, Traditional and Moto sports garments etc..

Shoes Leather

we use only the highest-quality materials and processes exclusively leathers.

Gloves leather

We have a brand in Gloves sector by the name TSWM Gloves.

Bags leather

Mineral tanning creates leather that is commonly used in handbags

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